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Extension 100% Human Hair 18″–26″


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Color 10/27Color 10/27Color 118Color 118Color 27/24Color 27/24Color 30Color 30Color 33Color 33Color 4Color 4Color 6Color 6Color 6/24Color 6/24Color 613Color 613Color 736Color 736Color LG 24Color LG 24LILALILAROJOROJOColor 10Color 10Color 1Color 1Color 10P27Color 10P27Color 130Color 130Color 14Color 14Color 143Color 143Color 14P613Color 14P613Color 15Color 15Color 15/613Color 15/613Color 15P24Color 15P24Color 16Color 16Color 16P19Color 16P19Color 19Color 19Color 19P24BColor 19P24BColor 1P39Color 1P39Color 1P6Color 1P6Color 24Color 24Color 24BColor 24BColor 27Color 27Color 27P613Color 27P613Color 31P15Color 31P15Color 39Color 39Color 6/27Color 6/27Color 6P15Color 6P15Color 6P24Color 6P24Color 8Color 8Color 880Color 880Color AZULColor AZUL
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GLAMOROUS REMY The extensions are made with 100% pure and premium remy hair. Our product is the best quality premium hair. Our extensions with clips in the collection of hair extensions feature genuine remy human hair that lasts after washing. Our remy extensions are ready to use. We have more than 36 colors and multiple lengths available to choose from. Each package of our product has four curtains with clips ready to place, with the appropriate measures to provide a hair with a lot of shape and volume. You can combine colors to create a highlighted appearance or a multidimensional appearance. Ideal for those who want between tones and want to combine colors.
Glamorous Remy Extensions will send you an ideal bag for your product, as well as a hanger to store it after use.
We guarantee this product that is 100% remy human hair!

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Color 10/27, Color 118, Color 27/24, Color 30, Color 33, Color 4, Color 6, Color 6/24, Color 613, Color 736, Color LG 24, LILA, ROJO, Color 10, Color 1, Color 10P27, Color 130, Color 14, Color 143, Color 14P613, Color 15, Color 15/613, Color 15P24, Color 16, Color 16P19, Color 19, Color 19P24B, Color 1P39, Color 1P6, Color 24, Color 24B, Color 27, Color 27P613, Color 31P15, Color 39, Color 6/27, Color 6P15, Color 6P24, Color 8, Color 880, Color AZUL


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